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uniGUI Release Candidate is here!

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We are happy to announce that uniGUI has switch from beta to RC stage. Finally, we have a Release Candidate for uniGUI!

The new RC build is available for all editions including uniGUI Trial edition.

It contains many bug fixes, new features and improvements.




    [UNG-1962] - Theme and Runtime should install as separate products
    [UNG-1965] - UniTreeNode: GetPrev and GetPrevSibling methods.
    [UNG-1969] - TUniFormattedNumberEdit: Abbility to set FormattedInput parameters at runtime.
    [UNG-1971] - TUniChart.Axes: Min ans Max properties


    [UNG-1954] - TUniSpeedButton should publish TabStop and TabOrder
    [UNG-1955] - Fix all compile warning messages.

New Feature

    [UNG-1963] - New Documentation installer
    [UNG-1973] - New methods: ShowMessageN & ShowModalN.


    [UNG-1952] - UniThreadTimer: Changing Enabled or Interval in Timer event causes high CPU usage
    [UNG-1953] - UniDBGrid: Could not convert variant of type (UnicodeString) into type (Date)
    [UNG-1956] - Bug when login background image is blank.
    [UNG-1957] - Incoming requests may overflow when an event handler is busy for a long time
    [UNG-1958] - Unnecessary lock is performed when processing requests.
    [UNG-1959] - Design time Font.Style is wrong when ParentFont is false.
    [UNG-1960] - EmptyText can not be set at runtime
    [UNG-1961] - UniNumberEdit: OnChangeValue is not called.
    [UNG-1964] - UniTreeNode: AbsoluteIndex returns wrong value.
    [UNG-1966] - CoInitialize is not called in worker thread.
    [UNG-1967] - UniTabControl: Tabs.AddObject doesn't create new tab.
    [UNG-1968] - UniTabControl: Tabs.Insert() doesn't insert tab at correct postion.
    [UNG-1970] - Stored cookies are cleared if a new cookie is set at session startup.
    [UNG-1972] - Broken MessageDlg functionality.

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