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Trial edition is upgraded to version 0.99.96 build 1321

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We are happy to announce that a new version for Trial Edition of uniGUI is available.

This new version contains an exciting new feature which enables modal forms and windows to be shown in a true modal state.

It means that modal forms will execute code execution until user closes the modal form. This will simplifies code migration between legacy VCL apps to uniGUI web apps.




    [UNG-1838] - BlockingModals
    [UNG-1839] - SyncClientUpdate - 1
    [UNG-1840] - SyncClientUpdate - 2
    [UNG-1841] - SyncClientUpdate - 3


    [UNG-1011] - Integrate SynEdit in framework with different unit names
    [UNG-1843] - Indy version upgraded to 10.6.2
    [UNG-1844] - OpenSSL dlls updated to version 1.0.2
    [UNG-1846] - Now jQuery is included for mobile platform by default.

New Feature

    [UNG-1835] - Ability to show blocking modal dialogs
    [UNG-1836] - UniMainModule: New EnableSynchronousOperations property
    [UNG-1837] - New functions: ShowModal, Prompt and MessageDlg
    [UNG-1850] - TUniForm: OnAfterShow event
    [UNG-1853] - UniFileUpload: Execute method now is a function.


    [UNG-1831] - Column.Alignment is not set to Field's default value
    [UNG-1832] - UniContainerPanel contents are not clipped at borders.
    [UNG-1833] - Session is terminated when exception occurs during form creation
    [UNG-1834] - UniTimer does not stop when ChainMode is True
    [UNG-1842] - TUniDateTimePicker bug when using property - FieldLabelAlign
    [UNG-1845] - TUnimHTMLFrame: Scripts are not executed.
    [UNG-1847] - UniPanel doesn't start as collapsed if Collapsed property is True.
    [UNG-1848] - Top most nested blocking uniForm can not be closed.
    [UNG-1849] - When EnableSynchronousOperations = true, UniForm with Callback can not be closed
    [UNG-1851] - MSVCR120.dll dependency in the installer
    [UNG-1852] - Bug in ShowModal when Form is blocking

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