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Version 0.89 is available

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Here is another beta build for uniGUI available for public download.

0.89 is another step towards stability and a major step towards scalability.

In past we have had reports regarding server crashes when there was an overrun condition in system resources. A close examine showed us that some of the sensitive and limited OS resources such as GDI objects could overrun when there are hunderds of sessions. To resolve this issue  some of the imaging components such as TImageList and TUniImage was redesigned to avoid excessive Memory and GDI resource consumption.

We also added a new and detailed server monitor which gives more detailed information regarding resource consumption and other sensitive information.

Warning: There is a
breaking change in this new version: Delphi's standard TImageList is no longer supported. You must replace all instances of TImageList with TUniImageList.



  • Open your uniGUI project.
  • Open forms containing TImageList.
  • Switch to DFM mode.
  • Find & Replace all instances of TImageList with TUniImageList.
  • Switch back to Form mode and rebind all ImageLists to related controls.
  • Save your form. You'll be prompted to fix all instances with mismatched type. Answer Yes to all prompts.

You can limit max number of sessions. This will allow you to control upper limit for sessions and avoid server overload conditions..

You can also limit a PC or an IP to one session. When you limit one session per IP only one session can be created for each requesting IP. Each new session requests from same IP will destroy any previously created session before creating a new one.

Same way you can limit one session per PC (browser). In this methods sessions are tracked by cookies. A browser is only allowed to open one session.

All these new features allow you to avoid unwanted sessions from being created.

There are also many internal fixes and some new features and components in this version.

Note1: XE2 users who want to use UniChart component need to download and install Standard TeeChart package from here.
Note2: New installer uses \Program Files folder as default target directory.

- 0001357: TuniStringGrid: RefreshRow bug.
- 0001347: Server.OnBeforeInit is not called in service application
- 0001344: UniListBox fires extra click events
- 0001337: Use FormatSettings instead of deprecated DecimalSeparator and etc.
- 0001336: SetCookie Secure parameter added
- 0001335: Login feature for server control panel
- 0001333: Display Uptime in server control panel
- 0001245: Apache server doesn't show timeout error page
- 0001324: UniDBGrid: AfterScroll is not fired when page is changed in Page Controller
- 0001332: Ajax Error Window causes CPU overload in browser
- 0001326: UniDBGrid: Bug when Column.Picklist is assigned and Table is reopened.
- 0000841: UniListBox: Multiselect feature
- 0001317: TUniBaseControl.Font property should be protected
- 0001304: Option to prevent one IP from opening more than one session
- 0001003: Option to prevent one PC from opening more than one session

- 0001309: Improved Server Monitor with OS resource details
- 0001308: Unbuffered TUniImage
- 0001306: UniServerModule.ServerLimits Property
- 0001311: UniServerModule.ServerResources property
- 0001287: UniDBGrid.WebOptions.DefaultFloatFormat Property
- 0000995: TImageList resource consumption problem when there are many sessions
- 0001292: Component TUniImageList
- 0001298: Parameter decode error when Charset<>UTF-8
- 0001154: WordWrap property for UniMemo
- 0001293: GDI Leak in CreateAppIcon
- 0000559: TUniHTMLMemo component based on Ext.form.HtmlEditor
- 0001299: TUniDBHTMLMemo Component
- 0000797: Grids: Custom cell coloring performance improvement

- 0001267: Problem when more than one UniURLFrame have same name
- 0001301: TUniUrlFrame HTML property
- 0001294: GDI Handle leak issue
- 0001290: Encode parameters in ajaxRequest
- New Demo: HTML5 Audio
- New Demo: HTML Editor
- New Demo: URLFrame(HTML)
- New Demo: ListBox
- New Demo: ServerControlPanel

See complete Changelog.

As always you can download new version from here.



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