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After a long intermission; almost more than two years here is a new blog about uniGUI. Those of you who were following our forums are already aware of current state of the project. Beta development continues and we are about to publish version 0.98. Interesting that our last blog was about version 0.89.

As you may estimate framework has become mature enough to be used in production. Many members of our community are using uniGUI in production. So what happened with versions between 0.90 through 0.97?


Starting from version 0.90 we distributed uniGUI to our forum members who were fully dedicated to our beta testing process. We did lots of improvements, bug fixes and a full architectural change in framework core.

Starting from version 0.97 beta builds will be available to those who order a subscription from us. For each developer who buy a subscription license we also include an OEM version of Sencha Ext JS. This partial version of Ext JS is solely distributed to be used along with uniGUI and its projects only and can not be used for any other purpose.

You can also start evaluating uniGUI by downloading our trial edition from download page. Trial edition gives you a full taste of what uniGUI is all about and will give you the opportunity to fully test all aspects of the framework. Trial edition has some limitations of course, which makes it suitable only for evaluation purpose.

Those who want to get the full version of the framework should order a subscription. Please join and visit our forums for details.

Our forums will continue to serve as our primary source of communication with developers during beta phase. Please join our community if you are interested in uniGUI.

Farshad Mohajeri


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