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uniGUI Trial Edition updated to build 1384

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We are happy to announce that a new build for Trial Edition of uniGUI is available. It contains many bug fixes, new features and improvements. It can be downloaded from here.




    [UNG-2005] - ChartDemo - SaveImage
    [UNG-2006] - ChartDemo - DB
    [UNG-2007] - FastReport - Dynamic
    [UNG-2008] - Revised: FastReport - MultiReport
    [UNG-2009] - Revised: FastReport
    [UNG-2045] - Grid - DBTreeGrid
    [UNG-2046] - ClientEvents-HtmlToAjax
    [UNG-2047] - Grid - DBVerticalTreeGrid
    [UNG-2049] - Grid - DBVerticalGrid
    [UNG-2062] - DBLookupComboBox - GridMode


    [UNG-1962] - Theme and Runtime should install as separate products
    [UNG-1965] - UniTreeNode: GetPrev and GetPrevSibling methods.
    [UNG-1969] - TUniFormattedNumberEdit: Ability to set FormattedInput parameters at runtime.
    [UNG-1971] - TUniChart.Axes: Min ans Max properties
    [UNG-1975] - UniMainModule: New ExtLocale property
    [UNG-1976] - UniMainModule: New ServerMessages property
    [UNG-1977] - UniServerModule: UnavailableErrMsg property moved to TUniServerMessages class
    [UNG-1978] - UniServerModule: LoadingMessage property moved to TUniServerMessages class
    [UNG-1983] - Improved error message when a blocking modal is called in OnShow/OnCreate
    [UNG-1984] - TUniFileUpload: New ExecuteN procedure
    [UNG-1991] - New TUniLibraryFileOption set "upoDefer" member.
    [UNG-1992] - TUniTreeNode: GetNext & GetNextSibling methods
    [UNG-1993] - TUniStatusBar: SimpleText property
    [UNG-1998] - TUniTreeNode: New TopItem property.
    [UNG-1999] - TUniTrackBar: New LineSize property.
    [UNG-2000] - TUniTrackBar: New UseTips property.
    [UNG-2003] - Prevent calling unsafe methods ProcessMessages & HandleMessages in DLL mode.
    [UNG-2004] - Prevent calling unsafe methods AllocateHWnd & DeallocateHWnd in DLL mode.
    [UNG-2012] - Support for full links in ServerModule.CustomFiles.
    [UNG-2014] - Corrected member visibility for TUniCustomLayoutAttribs and TUniCustomLayoutConfig classes
    [UNG-2020] - DBLookup controls: New ListFecthAll property.
    [UNG-2035] - TUniTreeView: New ShowIcon property.
    [UNG-2040] - UniServerModule: New PatchVCL option.
    [UNG-2056] - Application Icon creation logic changed.
    [UNG-2058] - New MainModule.BrowserOptions member boDisableChromeRefresh


    [UNG-1954] - TUniSpeedButton should publish TabStop and TabOrder
    [UNG-1955] - Fix all compile warning messages.
    [UNG-2036] - TUniImageList marked as deprecated. (Use TUniNativeImageList instead)
    [UNG-2039] - Kaspersky virus warning for installer
    [UNG-2059] - Sessions must be freed before ServerModule.OnDestroy event.
    [UNG-2063] - Delphi 10.2 Tokyo support

New Feature

    [UNG-1963] - New Documentation installer
    [UNG-1973] - New methods: ShowMessageN & ShowModalN.
    [UNG-1981] - TUniFormControl: New FieldLabelFont property
    [UNG-1986] - TUniChart: New AutoRefresh property
    [UNG-1987] - TUniChart: New RefreshData method
    [UNG-1988] - TUniChartSeries: New DataSource property
    [UNG-1989] - TUniChartSeries: New YValues & XLabelsSource property
    [UNG-1990] - TUniDBGridColumn: New Flex property
    [UNG-1994] - TUniDBGrid: New ForceFit property
    [UNG-1995] - TUniChart: New OnChartImage event
    [UNG-1996] - TUniChart: New SaveImage method.
    [UNG-2001] - TUniCalendarDialog: New Execute (Blocking) function and ExecuteN methods.
    [UNG-2002] - UniMainModule: OnNewComponent event
    [UNG-2015] - TUniDBGrid: New dgColumnMove option.
    [UNG-2016] - Capability to specify worker thread stack size for ISAPI modules
    [UNG-2017] - UniServerModule: ISAPIOptions.ThreadStackSize property
    [UNG-2023] - UniServerModule: New soWipeShadowSessions option.
    [UNG-2029] - UnimMemo, UnimDBMemo: New MaxRows property
    [UNG-2042] - New Component: TUniDBTreeGrid
    [UNG-2043] - New Component: TUniDBVerticalGrid
    [UNG-2044] - New Component: TUniDBVerticalTreeGrid
    [UNG-2052] - Functions uniGUIApplication.FmtSettings and uniGUIApplication.PFmtSettings.
    [UNG-2055] - New Server Monitor statistic: Handles
    [UNG-2060] - ServerModule: New OnBeforeShutdown event.
    [UNG-2061] - UniDBLookupCombo: New GridMode property


    [UNG-1952] - UniThreadTimer: Changing Enabled or Interval in Timer event causes high CPU usage
    [UNG-1953] - UniDBGrid: Could not convert variant of type (UnicodeString) into type (Date)
    [UNG-1956] - Bug when login background image is blank.
    [UNG-1957] - Incoming requests may overflow when an event handler is busy for a long time
    [UNG-1958] - Unnecessary lock is performed when processing requests.
    [UNG-1959] - Design time Font.Style is wrong when ParentFont is false.
    [UNG-1960] - EmptyText can not be set at runtime
    [UNG-1961] - UniNumberEdit: OnChangeValue is not called.
    [UNG-1964] - UniTreeNode: AbsoluteIndex returns wrong value.
    [UNG-1966] - CoInitialize is not called in worker thread.
    [UNG-1967] - UniTabControl: Tabs.AddObject doesn't create new tab.
    [UNG-1968] - UniTabControl: Tabs.Insert() doesn't insert tab at correct postion.
    [UNG-1970] - Stored cookies are cleared if a new cookie is set at session startup.
    [UNG-1972] - Broken MessageDlg functionality.
    [UNG-1974] - Issue when a non-RTL control is inside a RTL parent.
    [UNG-1979] - Issue when editor KeyUp event has a handler.
    [UNG-1980] - Issue with TUniDateTimePicker and layout management when Kind = tUniDateTime
    [UNG-1982] - Issue when EurekaLog is active and there are blocking modals
    [UNG-1985] - Issue when ComboBox items contain trailing spaces.
    [UNG-1997] - Inherited grid wrongly saves properties in DFM file.
    [UNG-2010] - Tab navigation suspends when form has a UniRadioGroup
    [UNG-2011] - TUniTreeView: Change event is executed in wrong order.
    [UNG-2018] - Async request handling issue on ISAPI startup
    [UNG-2019] - UniCharInSet(): Char is casted to AnsiChar causing unicode chars to truncate.
    [UNG-2021] - TUniEdit: FormattedEdit: DecimalSeparator & DecimalPrecision can't be changed at runtime.
    [UNG-2022] - In OnSessionTimeout event timeout can not be extended beyond SessionTimeout interval.
    [UNG-2024] - TUniTreeView: AbsoluteIndex bug.
    [UNG-2025] - RefreshCurrentRow doesn't work when DataSet.RecordCount returns 0.
    [UNG-2027] - Issue with TActionList in Service/ISAPI mode.
    [UNG-2028] - Issue with UnimMemo Height and Client mode alignment
    [UNG-2030] - UniDBGrid: OnCellClick event is not fired if a CheckBox editor is directly clicked.
    [UNG-2031] - UniDBGrid: Incorrect selection list in CellClick event.
    [UNG-2032] - UniDBGrid: Null value is ignored for date field in a row editor.
    [UNG-2033] - Issue when TUniDateTimePicker is created dynamically
    [UNG-2034] - Component initialization order problem when components are dynamically added in OnShow event
    [UNG-2037] - setFieldStyle is not a function error in mobile session
    [UNG-2038] - BDS2006 Package install issue
    [UNG-2041] - UniDBGrid: Column move index bug.
    [UNG-2048] - TUniContainer client height issue when menu is attached.
    [UNG-2050] - UniDBGrid: Issue when TField returns NAN
    [UNG-2051] - Issue when Panel has docked children
    [UNG-2053] - Ajax Error issue in build 1381
    [UNG-2054] - TUniFrame.ClientEvents not implemented correctly.
    [UNG-2057] - TUniListBox: Bug when Selected Item is deleted.

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