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uniGUI Trial edition upgraded to version 0.99.96 build 1346

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We are happy to announce that a new build for Trial Edition of uniGUI is available. It contains many bug fixes, new features and improvements.




    [UNG-1838] - BlockingModals
    [UNG-1839] - SyncClientUpdate - 1
    [UNG-1840] - SyncClientUpdate - 2
    [UNG-1841] - SyncClientUpdate - 3
    [UNG-1885] - FileUpload - Filter
    [UNG-1888] - SyncClientUpdate - 4 - ShowMask
    [UNG-1893] - SyncClientUpdate - 5
    [UNG-1910] - DBGridImages
    [UNG-1911] - DBLookupComboBox - Custom Remote Query
    [UNG-1914] - DBLookupComboBox - Custom Remote Query (CDS)
    [UNG-1922] - Grid - DragDrop - Custom Handler
    [UNG-1926] - GridCellStyle


    [UNG-1855] - TUnimDBListGrid: Column.Alignment implemented.
    [UNG-1858] - Server Monitor session should be created even if current session > MaxSessions
    [UNG-1871] - Hacking Preventation: Avoid processing events from controls that are disabled or hidden.
    [UNG-1881] - SendFile should disable browser cache
    [UNG-1884] - TUniFileUpload: Filter property implemented
    [UNG-1887] - UniSession.Synchronize() method no longer needs Timer events to operate.
    [UNG-1889] - UniDBGrid: Grouping can be disabled/enabled at runtime
    [UNG-1895] - Grid row selection improvement for custom uniGUI themes
    [UNG-1898] - Session should create restart url based on HTTP Referer.
    [UNG-1901] - New TUniChart, TUnimChart Axes property
    [UNG-1912] - All Combo boxes: New RemoteQueryRetainResult property.
    [UNG-1915] - Issue when a blocking modal is called during MainForm initialization
    [UNG-1917] - TUnimEdit: CharCase property implemented.


    [UNG-1011] - Integrate SynEdit in framework with different unit names
    [UNG-1843] - Indy version upgraded to 10.6.2
    [UNG-1844] - OpenSSL dlls updated to version 1.0.2
    [UNG-1846] - Now jQuery is included for mobile platform by default.

New Feature

    [UNG-1835] - Ability to show blocking modal dialogs
    [UNG-1836] - UniMainModule: New EnableSynchronousOperations property
    [UNG-1837] - New functions: ShowModal, Prompt and MessageDlg
    [UNG-1850] - TUniForm: OnAfterShow event
    [UNG-1853] - UniFileUpload: Execute method now is a function.
    [UNG-1879] - UniDBNavigator: New BeforeAction event.
    [UNG-1880] - Methods NewCacheFileUrl() & NewCacheFile(): "AvoidBrowserCache" parameter added.
    [UNG-1890] - TUniControl/Form/Frame new ShowMask / HideMask methods
    [UNG-1897] - ServerModule.UrlReferer property
    [UNG-1899] - UniSession.UrlReferer property
    [UNG-1907] - New OnChangeValue event for form controls
    [UNG-1908] - UnimDBGrid: ImageOptions property
    [UNG-1909] - UnimDBGrid: OnFieldImage, OnFieldImageURL events
    [UNG-1925] - ServerModule: New UniPackagesRoot property
    [UNG-1927] - Class TUniCellAttribs: New Style property
    [UNG-1930] - TUniDBRadioGroup: New Values property


    [UNG-1746] - UnimDBDatePicker: null date issue (ShowBlankDate property does not work)
    [UNG-1831] - Column.Alignment is not set to Field's default value
    [UNG-1832] - UniContainerPanel contents are not clipped at borders.
    [UNG-1833] - Session is terminated when exception occurs during form creation
    [UNG-1834] - UniTimer does not stop when ChainMode is True
    [UNG-1842] - TUniDateTimePicker bug when using property - FieldLabelAlign
    [UNG-1845] - TUnimHTMLFrame: Scripts are not executed.
    [UNG-1847] - UniPanel doesn't start as collapsed if Collapsed property is True.
    [UNG-1848] - Top most nested blocking uniForm can not be closed.
    [UNG-1849] - When EnableSynchronousOperations = true, UniForm with Callback can not be closed
    [UNG-1851] - MSVCR120.dll dependency in the installer
    [UNG-1852] - Bug in ShowModal when Form is blocking
    [UNG-1854] - TUnimDBGrid: Columns width are incorrect when columns are automatically created
    [UNG-1856] - Grid filter and editor fields are destroyed manually when owner is destroying
    [UNG-1857] - Screen size is not sent to the server when MainForm mode is uniAlignmentClient
    [UNG-1859] - Editor ClearButton doesn't work in RTL mode.
    [UNG-1860] - Initial UniTrackBar position is always 0
    [UNG-1861] - UniDBGrid: Summary, SummaryTotal background issue
    [UNG-1862] - TUniGroupBox Align/Anchor issue
    [UNG-1863] - MenuItem events are not removed when destroyed dynamically.
    [UNG-1864] - Synchronization issue when multiple requests hit same session
    [UNG-1865] - UniDBGrid: Grouping display error when ShowCaption and ShowValue are False
    [UNG-1866] - TUniFrame: Wrong declaration of Prompt and MessageDlg functions
    [UNG-1867] - Form parameters are not handled in correct order
    [UNG-1868] - UniPageControl: TabBar is not set to Visible when a new Tab is added.
    [UNG-1869] - JS events are not released when removed on server side
    [UNG-1870] - TUniGroupBox: Client area is not positioned correctly.
    [UNG-1872] - Recent issue in build 1326: Synchronization problem when multiple requests hit same session
    [UNG-1873] - TUniEdit: Setting MaxLength at runtime
    [UNG-1874] - Issues related to AlwaysOnTop and menus.
    [UNG-1875] - Issues related to AlwaysOnTop and MessageBox.
    [UNG-1876] - Issue in build 1328 related to disabled controls
    [UNG-1877] - CalendarPanel and Brazilian Daylight Saving issue
    [UNG-1878] - uniUrlFrame : Console error "Uncaught ReferenceError : iframe_loadUniUrl"
    [UNG-1883] - TabSheet is not closable.
    [UNG-1891] - DateTimePicker is always placed at bottom when parent is a FieldSet
    [UNG-1892] - UniEdit.InputMask is not filtered correctly when text contains mask characters.
    [UNG-1894] - In DBGrid # sign in DisplayFormat is ignored.
    [UNG-1896] - Dynamically created controls are not aligned correctly if Align is set after setting Parent
    [UNG-1900] - RadioGroup runtime font issue
    [UNG-1902] - UniApplicatiopn.Parameters are not set correctly if url contains a ServerModule.UrlPath
    [UNG-1903] - UniGUIFrame initialization order issue
    [UNG-1904] - TUniChart: chart data is not inited if prepared in Form.OnShow event.
    [UNG-1905] - Mobile Form Show method call order is wrong.
    [UNG-1906] - Issue when a Mobile form containing TabPanel is closed.
    [UNG-1913] - UniDBLookupCombo: Issue with custom queries when RemoteQuery is enabled.
    [UNG-1916] - Missing ";" in CSS code of uniGUI visual themes.
    [UNG-1918] - Firefox 49 and Mobile display issues
    [UNG-1919] - In mobile Firefox browser phone platform is not recognized.
    [UNG-1920] - Putting a UniListBox on a disabled Panel throws a JS error.
    [UNG-1921] - Designer bug when deleting a UniTabSheet
    [UNG-1923] - UniPanel: Collapse / Expand events should not be fired when client side alignment is active
    [UNG-1924] - UniNativeImageList: Bug when used in an inherited Frame/Form
    [UNG-1928] - UniDBNumberEdit error when field has a DisplayFormat.
    [UNG-1929] - DBLookup controls sometimes doesn't fetch all records.

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