uniGUI is distributed with a named license which means each developer in a company should own his/her own uniGUI license. We don't offer a site license though we offer a volume discount for multiple copies when purchased in a single order. uniGUI requires a license key for activation. This license can be easily obtained during installation by simply entering your customer portal password in installer license activation form. This means that target PC must have internet access during installation.

uniGUI uses Sencha Ext JS library for rendering client side GUI. uniGUI deploys an OEM version of Ext JS which means you don't need to obtain a separate license for Ext JS. The included Ext JS files are limited to those files which are only needed by the uniGUI framework. The Ext JS library files that are included in uniGUI cannot be used separately for any other purpose other than using and deploying them along with uniGUI web applications.

uniGUI offers a perpetual license model with an optional annual subscription. First year of subscription is included in the license. Your uniGUI license never expires and your subscription to incremental updates and new releases is valid for first year. For following years subscription must be renewed. The price for renewal is around 60% of the original license price.

You can find uniGUI End User License Agreement in below link: