Wednesday, 22 June 2016 14:05

uniGUI Trial Edition updated to build 1308

We have updated trial edition to the most recent version. This update will fix an issue which prevented trial editions from creating new  ISAPI DLL applications. This build fixes this issue, so you will be able to evaluate ISAPI DLL in uniGUI Trial Edition.

As always trial edition can be downloaded from our download page.

Saturday, 11 June 2016 15:10

Version 0.99.95 is available

We are glad to announce that version 0.99.95 is available for all uniGUI editions.  Trial edition can be downloaded from download section.

This version includes many fixes and new features. Most probably it is the last version right before version 1.00RC which will be announced soon. Thanks to all developers around the world by supporting us especially those who have ordered a license.

Starting from this edition we have renamed project group file names to avoid confusion. In previous versions project groups were named with a number representing Delphi version. For example, uniGUI2011Group was name of project group for Delphi XE. In this new version we have  renamed it to uniGUI_XE_StdGroup, so  respected project group can be easily spotted.


ChangeLog for this version:

[UNG-1783] - UniComboBox: Wrong text is diplayed when deleting item at current index
[UNG-1782] - UniDBLookupCombo: Execption raised when clearing filter edit
[UNG-1781] - Project groups renamed to match actual Delphi edition names
[UNG-1779] - UniDBLookupCombo: Execption raised while debugging
[UNG-1780] - UniDBLookupCombo: Issue when list is created at runtime and KeyValue is set to Null
[UNG-1778] - UniPropertyGrid broken functionality
[UNG-1777] - CoInitialize is not called properly.
[UNG-1765] - JS error when uniDBGrid LoadMask is not enabled.
[UNG-1762] - TUniImageListAdapter memory issue when attached to an Action
[UNG-1761] - TUniImageListAdapter scalability issue
[UNG-1756] - Action Lists implementation
[UNG-1757] - Action List support for Menus (MainMenu, PopupMenu, MenuItem)
[UNG-1758] - ToolBar with Action List and button with Action
[UNG-1760] - Broken LoadMask property of uniDBGrid
- 0002325: In Combo controls EmptyText is not published.
- 0002324: Bug when UniDataTimePicker is editor in DBGrid.
- 0002323: UniDBGrid: Filter doesn't work correctly after clear button.
- 0002322: UniDBLookupCombo: Component is not reset when filter is cleared.
- 0002321: UniImageList/UniNativeImageList: New UseGlobalCache property.
- 0002320: UniImageList/UniNativeImageList: Draw method implemented.
- 0002319: Issue when CoInitialize is called after ServerModule is inited.
- 0002078: Use global cache for ImageLists and other objects where possible.
- 0002313: Bug in uniNativeImage list GetPng and GetBitmap methods.
- 0002312: Recent issue in uniDBGrid which prevents mobile grids from working properly.
- 0002311: Delphi 10.1 Berlin support.
- 0002310: ShowMessage issue when active form is a LoginForm.
- 0002307: DateTimePicker: Can't set time @runtime when Kind = tUniTime.
- 0002302: OnColumnFilter event must return KeyValue when Filter is a DBLookupCombo.
- 0002301: Columns[n].Filtering.VarValue must return KeyValue when filter is a DBLookupCombo.
- 0002300: UniDBLookupCombo: Style property is published.
- 0002298: UniComboBox: New AnyMatch property.
- 0002295: Grid column Filter doesn't resize with the column.
- 0002294: Bug when UniContainerPanel is Mask target.
- 0002293: Issue when UniDBLookupCombo is a grid editor and field is a Lookup field.
New Demo: DBLookupComboBox
New Demo: ImageLists
New Demo: ActionList

Friday, 20 May 2016 08:17

Welcome to Our New Website

Finally our new site is online! It adopts a modern responsive design which makes it compatible will all desktop and mobile browsers. We will continue improving the layout and adding more content to uniGUI website.

Thursday, 01 January 2015 15:06

Version 0.98 is available

We are happy to announce that a new of uniGUI version is available. Version 0.98 brings lots of new features and bug fixes. Please see changelog.txt file after installation for details.

As we have announced in a previous blog there are two versions of uniGUI. A feature limited trial edition for evaluation purpose only and a full commercial edition.

In order to get the trail edition if you have not already joined please join our forums first, then visit downloads section to get the latest available trial edition.

Those who want to get the unlimited full version of the framework should order a subscription. Please join our forums and then visit here for details.

Best regards,

Farshad Mohajeri

Thursday, 16 October 2014 15:05

Recent news!

After a long intermission; almost more than two years here is a new blog about uniGUI. Those of you who were following our forums are already aware of current state of the project. Beta development continues and we are about to publish version 0.98. Interesting that our last blog was about version 0.89.

As you may estimate framework has become mature enough to be used in production. Many members of our community are using uniGUI in production. So what happened with versions between 0.90 through 0.97?

Wednesday, 27 June 2012 15:03

Version 0.89 is available

Here is another beta build for uniGUI available for public download.

0.89 is another step towards stability and a major step towards scalability.

In past we have had reports regarding server crashes when there was an overrun condition in system resources. A close examine showed us that some of the sensitive and limited OS resources such as GDI objects could overrun when there are hunderds of sessions. To resolve this issue  some of the imaging components such as TImageList and TUniImage was redesigned to avoid excessive Memory and GDI resource consumption.

We also added a new and detailed server monitor which gives more detailed information regarding resource consumption and other sensitive information.

Warning: There is a
breaking change in this new version: Delphi's standard TImageList is no longer supported. You must replace all instances of TImageList with TUniImageList.



  • Open your uniGUI project.
  • Open forms containing TImageList.
  • Switch to DFM mode.
  • Find & Replace all instances of TImageList with TUniImageList.
  • Switch back to Form mode and rebind all ImageLists to related controls.
  • Save your form. You'll be prompted to fix all instances with mismatched type. Answer Yes to all prompts.
Wednesday, 14 March 2012 14:59

Another update for version 0.88

This update fixes some issues and adds some new features.  It can be downloaded from downloads section.


Tuesday, 07 February 2012 14:57

Update for version 0.88

See related blog post for details.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012 14:54

Version 0.88 is available

uniGUI Version 0.88.0 is available for public download.

New features:

  • Embeddable Grid Editors.
  • 64-Bit support for Delphi XE2
  • Seamless keyboard capture and filtering.
  • Advanced form navigation using customizable keys.
  • Anonymous Callbacks for D2009+.
  • 7 new demos to demonstrate new features.
  • Ext JS run time installer.
  • Support for C++ Builder
Thursday, 01 December 2011 14:52

Version 0.87 is available

uniGUI Version 0.87.0 is available for public download.

Version 0.87 mainly targets bug fixes and client side stability. It address many important bugs and issues which are important for stability on both client and server side. It also provides libraries for Delphi XE2. (Currently Win32 only)

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