Commercial Edition

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Commercial Edition

Installation instructions for uniGUI


Before installing a new version please uninstall uniGUI from Windows Program Add/Remove.

After re-compiling an application with this new version you should install the related uniGUI Runtime Package which can be downloaded from the customer portal.


1) Please download the latest uniGUI Setup from the customer portal.

You will notice that there are two Setup versions:



oThis is the one which will be installed on developer PC for development purpose.


oThis one is only for deployment and will be installed on server computer hosting your uniGUI apps.




2) Enter the following information. Make sure the email address is exactly the same as the email address registered in the customer portal.





3) Accept the license agreement and press next.






4) Starting from version 0.99.95 the license keys are directly obtained from an activation server. You can easily get your license key by entering your password and pressing the Get License Key button. This will fill the License Key area with an appropriate key. Alternatively you can get your license key by clicking on the blue link: Web link to license key.... This will open a browser window which will open a page containing your key. You can paste the key in License Key area.




After the key is acquired, you can press Continue... and proceed to the next step.


It is also possible to save your acquired license key in a local file and use it the next time you re-install the same edition and version of uniGUI.



5) Select an installation folder. Default installation folder is [ProgramFiles]\Fmsoft\Framework\.



6) Select the Delphi version(s) for which you want to install uniGUI. You must be sure that Delphi is not running while the installation is in progress. The current version of the installer will not warn you about this.




7) Press Install to start, and complete the installation process.









8) Start Delphi and open the project group for your Delphi version. e.g. uniGUI_D10_3_Rio_PlusGroup (Delphi 10.3 Rio).  





9) In Project Manager there are 11 Delphi packages. Build all packages starting from SynEdit_Rxxxx.bpl.


Important: Do not select Clean All or Clean commands for any of the uniGUI packages. This will delete all pre-compiled DCU files from the DCU folder and you will have to install uniGUI again.



In the project group there is a number of  Delphi packages. Build all of the packages starting from SynEdit_Rxxxx.bpl. You can run IDE Build All command for the whole project group.





10) After building all packages, you must install the design time packages by right-clicking and selecting Install in the following order:





   uniGUIxxmdcl.bpl (Plus/Complete Editions only)




Several new components will be installed:








Complete/Plus Edition only

Complete/Plus Edition only




Now the installation is completed. You can proceed to running demos or creating new uniGUI projects.