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Friday, 10 December 2010 13:44

Roadmap for uniGUI 1.0.0

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First of all, I want to thank to everyone who have downloaded, tested, sent bugs, expressed new ideas and sent feedback. Now many developers who are interested in uniGUI are wondering about the future of this project and demand a timing schedule for the non-beta release. In this regard, in following roadmap I will try to answer some of these questions and enable developers to have a better view regarding future of this project. While I will try to be as accurate as I can, scheduled release time and other proposed features may slightly change.


Roadmap for “uniGUI Web Application Framework”
Version 1.0.0

It is not a secret that development of stateful web applications can be quite cumbersome and time consuming if “right tool” is not chosen. In uniGUI philosophy, “right tool” for web application development is defined as a tool which allows developers to focus their efforts, resources and creativity on application logic instead of dealing with various web UI implementation details.

Primary goal of UniGUI Framework is to enable Delphi developers to create stateful, fully AJAX enabled, visually perfect, content rich web applications in a totally RAD way. UniGUI aims to provide the best mixture of functionality and visual experience possible for a web application. That said, functionality will always have the highest priority here. While uniGUI user interface is quite elegant (thanks to Ext JS), our aim is to create the web UI with best functionality experience for the end-users.

Estimated release time for version 1.0.0
The estimated release time for version 1.0.0 is end of spring of 2011 (or probably sooner) which will be somewhere around June 2011. As always there will be many beta releases until version 1.0.0. There will be at least one new beta release per month.

Additional features and components planned to be included in first release

(This list does not include currently implemented features)

a. Components




Standard Components

  1. UniNumericEdit
  2. CheckBoxes in UniTreeView
  3. Improved UniTreeView
  4. UniScrollBox
  5. Accordion (or similar) Component
  6. Enhanced UniChart
  7. UniFileUpload with more options
  8. UniOpenFileDialog
  9. Buttons with attached menu
  10. UniColorDialog
  11. Enhanced UniMainMenu
  12. UniHTMLEditor
  13. Basic FlowPanel
  14. Collapsible Panel
  15. Scrollable Panels, TabSheets
  16. Other new components

Data Aware Components

  1. UniDBDateTime
  2. UniDBNumericEdit
  3. UniDBCheckBox
  4. UniDBRadioGroup
  5. Enhanced UniDBImage
  6. Enhanced UniDBGrid:
      • Various Editor types, CheckBox and etc. in DBGrid
      • Lookup in DBGrid
      • Row and Column coloring
      • Developer intervention in Cell rendering (OnDrawCellData)
      • Customizable header, column and body font
      • Images in Grid Row
      • Integrated Ext JS Row Editor

Possibility to include below components will be investigated

  1. UniMaskEdit
  2. UniRichEdit
  3. UniHTMLEdit
  4. UniShape & UniPaintBox (Using HTML 5 maybe? )
  5. Enhanced Calendar Control
  6. Popup Menu
  7. TAction Support
  8. TreeGrid

b. Server




  1. Built-in SSL Support for standalone server
  2. Compression of HTML and script contents to improve page load time
  3. New events and properties to have more control over server activity
  4. More control over server side events and error handling
  5. Custom error logging
  6. Authentication for Server control panel
  7. Additional session information in server control panel
  8. SendStream() method to directly send streams without saving them to a file

c. Core




  1. IE9 Compatibility
  2. Integration of new framework core
  3. More web themes (Windows 7, OSX)
  4. Asynchronous Communication with client for server generated events
  5. Session Create/Timeout/Destroy events
  6. Better client side error handling and logging
  7. Wallpaper for web desktop
  8. Improved AJAX core and request queue handling
  9. Making ExtPascal library up to date
  10. Upgrading Ext JS library to the most recent version
  11. Direct access to Forms from special URLs
  12. Redirecting URLs
  13. Implement minimize behavior for Forms

d. Client Side Programming




  1. Interaction between UniGUI controls and custom JavaScript code
  2. JavaScript event handlers for uniGUI components
  3. Custom HTML inside panel (already implemented)
  4. Custom JavaScript code in Forms (Partially implemented)

e. Documentation




  1. Component reference manual
  2. Programmer's manual
  3. Component developer's guide
  4. Guide to client side programming

f. Licensing




  1. Licensing schemes will be available with version 0.90.0 which is not too far
  2. Depending on the licensing scheme an estimated pricing info will also be available in version 0.90.0

g. Other




  1. Possible name change for the framework
  2. Improved web site
  3. User samples area in web site
  4. More online demos
  5. Screen casts
  6. Web based forums

Please join discussion newsgroups to discuss roadmap and other issues.

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