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Monday, 25 October 2010 12:45

Some minor changes to version 0.80

People who are using Pro version of TeeChart components have problem compiling uniGUI packages. As a workaround I removed TUniChart component from uniGUI package and moved it to uniGUIEx package. Please note that you won't be able to use TUniChart component unless you're using the standard version of TeeChart shipped with Delphi. Please see ChangeLog for details. New build version is available for download.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010 12:39

Version 0.80.1 is available

Major changes in this new version:

  • Ext JS library upgraded to latest public release 3.3.0
  • New TUniChart component (See included demo)
  • TabOrder & TabStop properties implemented for data input controls in Web mode

Please see ChangeLog for details. Important: Starting with this version distributed "ext" folder is renamed to "ext-x.y.z" format where x.y.x is the version of included Ext JS library. For example in this version folder name is ext-3.3.0 which is the folder that must be distributed with your applications.

Friday, 08 October 2010 12:36

Version 0.79.1 is available

New version can be downloaded from downloads page. ChangeLog

Tuesday, 21 September 2010 12:24

Version 0.78.0 is available

This new version mainly focuses on Unicode support and its related bugs in previous versions. It also removes dependency to Delphi's default Indy version. It is done by including a custom version of Indy library (10.5.7) which I call it uIndy. In uIndy all Indy units are renamed by adding letter "u" to beginning of the original Indy unit name. e.g. IdGlobal has become uIdGlobal and etc. As a result uniGUI will use uIndy which won't conflict with custom Indy versions that you may have previously installed. This will also fix Delphi 2009 Unicode problem. In previous versions, uniGUI couldn't support Unicode in Delphi 2009 because Indy version shipped with D2009 wasn't completely ready for Unicode. Please see ChangeLog for details.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010 12:15

Version 0.77.1 is available

A new version of uniGUI is available for download. There are lots of fixes and new features in this new version. Please see ChangeLog for details.

Tuesday, 03 August 2010 12:10

Form Inheritance

Form Inheritance is one of the advanced features in Delphi. I've never used it much myself, but I know without it uniGUI can not be considered as complete. Some users asked about it and I decided to speed up its implementation.Currently it is implemented and being tested.

Procedure to create a new Inherited Form is a bit different than Delphi. You must use the newly added uniGUI Inherited Form function in the Wizard to create a new Inherited Form. It will display a list of available forms in your project. By simply selecting a Form from this list a new Inherited Form will be created. This feature will be available in next version 0.71.0

Tuesday, 03 August 2010 12:06


An initial version of Online Documentation is uploaded. It is far from being completed, but answers some recent questions regarding deployment to various environments. Documentation will be continuously added and improved.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010 12:03

Discussion Newsgroups

Thanks to all who downloaded first beta. I invite anyone who want to ask questions, discuss issues, report bugs or receive support post a message to one of the support newsgroups. It is much easier to keep track of posts and replies in a newsgroup. Regards, Farshad

Friday, 23 July 2010 11:59

Download is online!

uniGUI beta version can be downloaded from Download section. After downloading you may want to take a look at following links: Installation Instructions Running Demos Creating a New Project I'm aware that the documentation is in a very bad shape. Almost unavailable. I'll try to blog a new article each couple of days until I can seriously start improving project docs.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010 11:54

Beta Installer

As I notified to a few people earlier, an automated installer for beta version is being prepared. To create this installer, Inno Setup is used which I think by far is best choice for Delphi developers who want to create highly customized installers.

My goal is to make the installation experience as smooth as possible. Well, I could deploy some zip or rar archives with all required files inside it, but I found it more charming to automate the process! Again, I can't say that installation is 100% automated. At final stage you must open the packages, compile and install them manually. Next versions of installer will automate Package installation process. It can target all supported Delphi versions by uniGUI; Delphi2006, Delphi2007, Delphi2009 & Delphi2010. Default target for installer will be a sub folder under <commondocs>. The reason for this is obvious. Post XP operating systems don't allow writing to "Program Files" folder, so installing Delphi projects in a non-writable folder means trouble. Installer does the following modifications to Delphi related Windows registry settings:

  1. Library Paths required for uniGUI.
  2. Defines a new environment variable called fmsoft.
  3. Disables Notify on Language Exceptions debugger option.

All above modifications except (3) are undone when product is uninstalled. Installer will install uniGUI Package projects plus some required third-parties (including ExtPascal and Ext JS). You must be sure all instances of Delphi are closed before you run the installer. Installer does not check for running instances of Delphi. This installer will deploy no uniGUI source code, only DCUs. Source code distribution policy will be decided later.

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